Fireworks Team Leader Costume

Diy Fireworks Team Leader Costume Guide

Fortnite Fireworks Team Leader Halloween Costume

Dress Like Fireworks Team Leader From Fortnite; Fireworks Team Leader costume consists of red and white striped pants, dark blue mock neck T-shirt, belt,leather gloves, white arm sweatbands and cosplay mask, to complete your Fireworks Team Leader look don't forget to get red military boots and white chest harness.

Fortnite Fireworks Team Leader Cosplay Outfit

Fireworks Team Leader is an epic Fortnite outfit from the Stars & Stripes set. It was released on 07/03/2018 and was last available 192 days ago. This can be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks if it is listed.


Fortnite Fireworks Team Leader Costume

Similar to the Cuddle team leader, the Fireworks team leader celebrates Independence Day (July 4th) for the United States. The bear is mostly blue, but has red and white striped areas in the trunk and leg area. It comes with Uncle Sam's top stars and strips off the cylinder, which is filled with fireworks as background music.

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