Sky Stalker Costume

Diy Fortnite Sky Stalker Costume

How To Dress Like Sky Stalker From Fortnite

Dress Like Sky Stalker From Fortnite; Sky Stalker Costume consists of grey long militarj jacket, green military harness and cargo pants, brown medieval gloves, burk hunting boots, light green binnocular, to complate your Sky Stalker look, don't forget to get green gas mask (you can use white gas mask and light green plastic paint) and green military cap.

Fortnite Sky Stalker Cosplay

Sky Stalker is a legendary Fortnite outfit from the Sky Stalker set. It was released on 06/22/2008 and was last available 402 days ago. This can be purchased in the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks if it is listed.

The Sky Stalker skin is from Season 4 of Fortnite, but is not part of the Battle Pass. It is modeled on an older pilot and has similarities to the Raptor skin. It is mostly covered with a gray trench coat, but has a typical lime green gas mask.

Fortnite Sky Stalker Halloween Costume

The legendary Sky Stalker outfit consists of a classic gray fighter pilot suit with greenish leather straps, a gas mask, and utensils. The pilot's outfit consists of a long jacket tied with a large buckle belt. The green gas mask shown is similar to the gas masks worn by German soldiers in World War II. This legendary outfit also comes with the Last Gasp Back Bling, which completes its cool look.

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