Bunny Brawler Costume

Bunny Brawler Costume

Fortnite Bunny Brawler Halloween Costume

Bunny Brawler Halloween Costume From Fortnite; Bunny Brawler outfit consists of a white rabbit costume, pink grenade shaped toy or key chain, white gloves, white bunny slippers and pink knee protector, to complete your Bunny Brawler look don't forget to get Bunny Brawler cosplay backpack and  bullet shaped plastic glasses shot belt.

Fortnite Bunny Brawler Cosplay

Bunny Brawler is an epic Fortnite outfit from the Pastel Patrol set. It was released on 04/01/2018 and was last available 267 days ago. This can be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks if it is listed.

Bunny Brawler is an Easter-inspired skin that was released with the Pastel Patrol package. This is the female version and shows a female figure in a white bunny costume. She also has knee pads and cute little rabbit slippers! This skin comes back bling with the eggshell.

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