Scoundrel Costume

Diy Fortnite Scoundrel Costume Guide

Fortnite Scoundrel Halloween Costume 

Dress Like Scoundrel From Fortnite; Scoundrel costume consists of black and white striped long-sleeve pullover, a moustache, black thief mask, black cargo pants and knit hat,black tactical belt and fingerless gloves, to complete your Scoundrel look don't forget to get black tactical boots and temporary white hair paint.

Fortnite Scoundrel Cosplay Outfit

Rogue is 1,500 V-Bucks Epic Skin. He is the male counterpart to Rapscallion.
The Scoundrel costume is a criminal outfit with a long-sleeved shirt with a black and white stripe pattern that represents the costumes of prisoners. This costume also features an advanced wrist device, black mask, pair of black gloves and boots, and a black hood. This epic costume also comes with an epic back jewelry called Strongbox.

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