Crackshot Costume

Fortnite Crackshot Costume Guide

Fortnite Crackshot Cosplay

Dress Like Crackshot From Fortnite

Dress Like Crackshot From Fortnite; Crackshot outfit consists of Crackshot cosplay costume (includes shirt,hat with attached faux hair, mask, and gloves), and blue slim-fit jean, to complete your Crackshot look, don't forget to military hunting boots and you can get Crackshot funko pop.

Fortnite Crackshot Halloween Costume

Dress Like Crackshot From Fortnite

Crackshot is a legendary Fortnite outfit from the nutcracker set. It was released on 12/24/2017 and was last available 8 days ago. This can be purchased in the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks if it is listed.

The legendary skin of Christmas 2017! This is a super unique skin based on the popular nutcrackers you see during the winter vacation. It was reissued in the Christmas season 2018 and provided with the Birdshot Backbling.

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