Raptor Costume

How To Dress Like Raptor From Fortnite

Raptor Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Raptor From Fortnite

Dress like Raptor from Fortnite;Raptor cosplay costume consists of brown bomber jacket, green military T-shirt, waterproof backpack, yellow ski mask and gloves, to complete your Raptor look don't forget to get dark brown combat boots,camouflage headset.

Raptor Halloween Costume

Dress Like Raptor From Fortnite

Raptor is a playable soldier that is assigned to the Raider subclass and is only available as a reward from the level 100 scrapbook.
Although Raptor appears to use the same game model as Havoc, but with cosmetic changes, the game's developers decided to further differentiate the two heroes by giving them two separate character names. This differs from the vast majority of characters for whom there is more than one class.

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