Love Ranger Costume

Fortnite Love Ranger Costume

How To Dress Like Love Ranger From Fortnite

Dress Like Love Ranger From Fortnite; Love Ranger Costume consists of pink tactical pants, pink leg protectors, grey body pait and cosplay wigs, black long tactical fingerless gloves, to complete your Love Ranger look, don't forget to ger white scaf and medieval cloak clasp brooch and red armband.

Fortnite Love Ranger Halloween Costume

Dress Like Love Ranger From Fortnite

Love Ranger is an outfit that you can buy in Battle Royale. It can be bought in the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. This outfit first appeared in season 2.
Love Ranger was last available in the Item Shop on September 5, 2019. Love Ranger consists of gargoyles, angels and cupids.
The model for this outfit is the Default Jonesy. Although most outfits or cosmetics don't do you any good in the game, people actually used this outfit to disguise it as a stone object to deceive other players
Love Ranger is the male counterpart to Stoneheart.

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