Dress Like Funk Ops

"Funk-tastic Fortnite Halloween Costume Guide: Become a Funk Ops in Real Life!"

Are you ready to funk up your Halloween this year? Look no further, because we've got the ultimate costume guide for all you Fortnite fanatics out there. Get ready to transform into the groovy and groovy Funk Ops!

Fortnite Funk Ops Costume


You will need the following items for your Funk Ops from Fortnite Halloween costume:

  1. Fishnet Muscle Top
  2. Light Green Cosplay Glasses
  3. Black Belt With Gold Buckle
  4. Funk Ops Wig
  5. Slim Fit Stretch Biker Jeans
  6. Multi Colored Bandanas For Arm And Forehead
  7. Black Vintage Belt
  8. Funk Ops Figure
  9. Black Leg Holster
  10. Red Combat Boots

To dress like Funk Ops from Fortnite, you can wear a funky gold tank top, a piar of jeans with  a black belt, red boots. Additionally, you can add a an Afro wig funky green glasses. To complete the look, you can carry a black and blue weapon.

How To Dress Like Funk Ops From Fortnite

First things first, you'll need to rock the signature Funk Ops outfit. This can be easily achieved by wearing  a funky yellow tank top and a pair of jeans. Make sure to add some funky sunglasses to complete the look.

Next up, you'll need to accessorize with some funky weapons. A funky green and black pickaxe will do the trick, but don't forget to add a funky green and black back bling to complete the look.

To truly embody the Funk Ops, you'll need to bring the funk to your dance moves. Brush up on your best robot, moonwalk, and funky chicken dance to really get into character.

So there you have it, folks! With these simple steps, you'll be ready to funk up Halloween and become the ultimate Funk Ops. Get ready to boogie down and show off your best moves.

Here are some Fortnite Halloween costume ideas for your friends and family to dress up as alongside Funk Ops.

  1. Cuddle Team Leader: Get ready to hug the night away with this cozy costume.
  2. Peely the Banana: Just peel off that skin and go bananas!
  3. Drift: Get ready to hit the slopes and slide into Halloween in style.
  4. Tomatohead: Be the life of the party with this juicy and quirky costume.
  5. Raptor: Get ready to roar and conquer Halloween with this prehistoric look.
  6. Fishstick: Be the catch of the night with this tasty costume.
  7. Crackshot: Get ready to take aim and shoot for the stars with this hunting-themed costume.

Remember to have fun and embrace the silly side of Halloween with these Fortnite-inspired costumes!

  • Keep in mind that these are just a few of the costume ideas from Fortnite. Click the image below for all the costume guides.
Fortnite costume Ideas
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