Rabbit Raider Costume

How To Dress Like Rabbit RaiderĀ 

Dress Like Rabbit Raider From Fortnite
Dress Like Rabbit Raider

Dress like Rabbit Raider from Fortnite; Rabbit Raider cosplay costume consists of pink cosplay costume with gloves and shoe covers, colourful school bag, colourful thorny sports ballon and bunny rabbit nose mask, to complete your Rabbit Raider look don't forget to get masquerade part mask and acrylic painting set to paint this mask and tigh pads.

Rabbit Raider Halloween Costume

Dress Like Rabbit Raider

Rabbit Raider is the male skin that is part of the Pastel Patrol package. It features the pink bunny onesie with pink bunny slippers. It has blue armor on the left leg and wears a white hockey mask, reminiscent of Jason the Friday 13th. However, some rabbit traits have been painted on this hockey mask that reduce the threat a bit.

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