Power Chord Costume

Power Chord Cosplay

Dress Like Power Chord

Dress like Power Chord from Fortnite;Power Chord cosplay costume consists of white long sleeved ─▒ndustrial, purple leopard leggings, black tactical gloves, punk hairband and pink wig, to complete your Power Chord look don't forget to get pink wristband, neon green shoelaces.

Power Chord Halloween Costume

Power Chord is a female punk costume for Fortnite BR.
The Power Chord outfit is a rock star-inspired outfit for women only. This legendary skin consists of a black, ragged, short shirt with dark purple trousers and a white mesh. The outfit also has neon pink hair and a spiky headband. The costume also comes with the Power Chord Back Bling, which looks like a pink rock guitar with six strings. The outfit can also use other back bling.

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